About magazine

LACITY.UA is an independent media platform about the cultural and business life of Ukraine and the world.

The Internet platform hosts author’s publications and novelties, implements various social media projects. Internet video is registered under the trademark Lacity.ua™.
The event focuses on the rotation of Ukrainian novelties to a wide world community and diasporas in different parts of the world.
Mission is the cultural and business prosperity of our country, the preservation of cultural values, the development of all directions of social activity and the encouragement of talented people.
The media space of the www.lacity.ua platform does not take revenge on the wars, common politics, negative news, national, racial, gender witches.


Founder, editor-in-chief
Oles Panchenko

Publishing editors
Olivia-Kvitka Berbera
Avelina Davydova
Roksolana Bondarenko
Geneve Rogovskaya




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