Eurovision 2023 will not be held in Ukraine

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will not be able to take place in Ukraine due to the current security circumstances. The organizers of the competition handed over the right to the silver medalist – Great Britain. This was reported in a statement by the European Language Union (EBU).

The EBU noted that in view of the war in Ukraine, they decided to conduct a full assessment of the possibility of holding Eurovision in our country.

“After an objective analysis, the Eurovision Governing Council deeply regrets that, given the current circumstances, the security and operational guarantees necessary for the broadcaster to host Eurovision cannot be met,” the statement said.

The EBU noted that they “share their sadness and disappointment due to the fact that next year’s competition cannot be held in Ukraine.”
According to the rules of the competition, the EBU is now organizing with the second-ranked country, the United Kingdom. Of course, Ukrainians and the whole world were happy with the victory of the Kalush Orchestra at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. But the organizers of the contest will not take such a risk to hold the contest in a country with open hostilities.

It will be recalled that the Kalush Orchestra, which won Eurovision-2022, sold a cup in the form of a crystal microphone at a charity auction. 900 thousand dollars were paid for him, the money will go to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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