International Lacity Golden Talent Festival 2022

What is Lacity Golden Talent Festival 2021:

The first independent international vocal online festival of the media magazine Lacity Ukraine for talented children and youth, which allows you to show your talent to the whole world!

Advantages of the competition:

Unique festival

The first open festival of this format, which allows objective evaluation of participants


Organized by the well-known magazine Lacity Ukraine, which covers more than 120,000 visitors annually and includes about 60,000 followers in the networks.

All videos are published

All videos of the participants are published on the official website of the contest and on the YouTube channel according to the nominations.

Публікація в Facebook

Each video is published on the official Facebook page of Lacity Ukraine with an audience of more than 300,000 visitors and 36,000 followers.

Participant information

Each participant receives an open information block about their creative activities and achievements, and digital promotion in networks.

Equality of evaluation

All participants have exactly the same rights in the evaluation of performances. Only professional evaluation by the judiciary is carried out without the need for promotion in the social. networks.


Independent professional jury – singers and media specialists from Italy and the United States, representatives of sponsors.

Prizes of the festival

Participants are awarded cups, medals, diplomas, exclusive gifts from festival partners!



The international online festival Lacity Golden Talent Festival 2021 is organized by the media publication Lacity Ukraine with the support of the Italian cosmetic premium brand Spuma di Sciampagna with more than 100 stories.

Perfumed cosmetics with precious stones, natural oils and extracts find your fans around the world. And in Italy, this brand is like a national pride!

Another significant partner of the competition is the well-known Italian cosmetics brand Malizia, which presents on the world and Ukrainian market a series of cosmetics for active young people Malizia Parfumo D’Itnesta, as well as a popular series for children Malizia Bon Bons.

The Malizia brand also provides gifts to participants and is directly involved in evaluating participants. The official and only representative of brands in Ukraine is an online store of cosmetics and household chemicals from Italy – L’Italiano.

The top online store of cosmetics and household chemicals from Italy and Spain – L’Italiano. All products are certified and have their own certificate of hygienic examination. The store is the official and only representative in Ukraine of the brands Spuma di Sciampagna (Italy), Malizia (Italy), Nuky (Spain), S’nonas (Spain), Bella (Poland), Splend’or (Italy), Nidra (Italy).

Festival jury:


Luca Dall’Amico

Opera singer, La Fenice di Venezia Theater, Italy


Oleksandr Panchenko

Founder of media-platform Lacity Ukraine, editor of the 5th national TV channel, ex-soloist of popular Ukrainian groups


Lyudmila Panchenko

Music editor of the magazine Lacity Ukraine, owner of a vocal school, Ukraine


Nazar Kogutov

Music producer, promoter, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Festival prizes:

All participants receive valuable prizes – cups, medals, diplomas and valuable gifts from sponsors (I, II, III places).

Leaders of groups and soloists receive a diploma of gratitude.

Grand Prix in the nomination “Solo Vocal” – the winner receives a large cup, diploma, a set of exclusive cosmetics from a partner of the festival, posting information in the press release of the news block of the portal and the project website.

Grand Prix in the nomination “Vocal ensemble, group, choir” – the winner receives a large cup of the team, a diploma of the team, medals to all members of the team, gifts from the contest partner, posting information in the press block of the news portal Lacity Ukraine and the project website.



  • Variety vocals
  • Classical vocals
  • Folk vocals
  • Jazz vocals
  • Rock
  • Hip-Hop
  • Author’s song

Special category:

  • Clip

Quantitative composition:

  • Solo – 1 participant
  • Duet – 2 participants
  • Trio – 3 participants
  • Quartet – 4 participants
  • Ensemble – from 5 participants

Age categories:

  • 3 – 6 years
  • 7 – 9 years
  • 10 – 12 years
  • 13 – 15 years
  • From 16 years
  • Junior category (for teams) – 3 – 15 years
  • Mixed senior category (for teams) – from 16 years

* Age of participants is not limited


  1. The participant records one performance in the format of a video “live”, accompanied by a negative phonogram (-), or “a cappella”.
  2. Backing vocals and using “+” are not allowed
  3. Video used in the media space is not accepted.
  4. The duration of the musical composition is up to 5:00 minutes.
  5. Participants who violate the rules of the competition are subject to disqualification without the right to resume participation in the current competition and without compensation.
  6. Video with backing vocals and using “+” is allowed only for a separate category “Clip”.

Video requirements:

  1. Video is recorded in Full HD 1080 format (possibly in HD 720), maximum 4K, in horizontal, static camera position (on a tripod, or fixation). 16: 9 screen format.
  2. A smartphone or digital camera is suitable for video recording.
  3. The camera or smartphone must be locked in one position, without changing frames and plans.
  4. The video should be without sharp movements, clear, without editing effects, without extraneous sounds and noises.
  5. For solo performances it is necessary to record a video of the middle plan.
  6. For teams – the average plan, with a large number of participants allowed a general plan.IMPORTANTLY! Please treat the video recording responsibly, as its quality will affect the evaluation of the performance.

Example: Medium plan (Solo performance)

Example: General plan (for teams)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Technique – purity of performance, dynamics, vocal techniques, rhythm, correspondence of the song to the age of the participant.
  • Artistry – presentation, originality, stage behavior, acting, energy, choreography.


  • Acceptance of applications  – until November 20, 2021.
  • Receiving video and photos – until December 10, 2021.
  • Evaluation – until December 20, 2021.
  • Rewarding – until December 31, 2021.

Financial conditions:

The organizers bear the costs associated with the organization, conduct and awarding of participants. Expenses for participation, video creation and recording are made at their own expense, sponsorship donations or at the expense of institutions that represent the performer or team at the festival.

THANKS TO SPONSORS, charitable contributions to participate in the festival – symbolic.

Charitable contribution
Solo (1 participant) 25 $ for the 1st participant
Duet (2 participants) 20 $ for the 1st participant
Trio (3 participants) 15 $ for the 1st participant
Ensembles, groups, choirs (from 4 participants) 10 $ for the 1st participant

* For orphans and children from boarding schools – participation is free, subject to the relevant documents. The number of participants is limited – 10 people.

  • Details for payment you receive from the organizers after confirmation of the application.
  • After payment, be sure to report by phone or send a photo of the check / screen in viber, when and from whom the payment was made! Keep checks to avoid disputes.
  • In case the contestants refuse to participate in the festival 5 days before the video is posted and the evaluation starts, the organizing committee reserves the right not to return the contributions made by the participants. The contribution is saved for participation in the next festival.

Organizational issues:

1. The organizers of the festival have the right to stop accepting applications earlier than the specified time or to increase the terms of acceptance of applications.

2. The organizers reserve the right to change the time of the festival.

3. The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the composition of the jury.

4. Participants who violate the rules of the competition are subject to disqualification without the right to resume participation in the current competition and without compensation.

5. Parents, relatives, leaders and accompanying persons are responsible for the life and health of minors and all participants! The organizers are not responsible for the life and health of the participants.

6. The organizers are not responsible for injuries received during the preparation of the number.

7. It is forbidden to use decorations that can be dangerous when creating a video and performing a composition (sequins and confetti, various liquids and substances, pyrotechnics).

8. It is forbidden to show in the frame during the performance of any kind of weapons and objects dangerous to human life, alcohol, propaganda and advertising materials of other persons who are not partners of the festival.

9. By participating in the Lacity Golden Talent Festival, participants agree to process and use photos and videos provided by participants, as well as their use together with promotional materials of the organizers and partners of the festival. Photos and videos from the festival will be posted on social networks and other information resources of the festival.

10. If you have any questions about the festival, you can ask the organizers by phone.

Registration of participants:

  • To register for the festival you need to fill out an online application by following the link –
  • The application is considered registered only after making a charitable contribution and providing video, information and photos.
  • After sending the application, within 2 days, you will be contacted by the festival organizers to clarify the details. If for some technical reasons you do not receive a response, contact us by phone.

Contacts of the organizing committee:

Lyudmila Panchenko

Тел., Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp: +38 (095) 082-40-45

Oleksandr Panchenko

Тел., Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp: +38 (050) 104-46-72


Festival page in networks: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

International Lacity Golden Talent Festival 2022 International Lacity Golden Talent Festival 2022