Ukrainian artist Anna Kostrytska and digital artist Savka released NFT

Ukrainian artist Anna Kostrytska and digital artist Savka launched the Illusion of Reality NFT on the Binance marketplace.

Binance, the largest crypto asset exchange in the world and the largest number of active crypto asset exchanges, and the Ukrainian NFT agency TNT have already announced their fourth project for release on the Binance NFT marketplace.


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The new NFT collection is dedicated to the contemporary digital creation of the art such as Ukrainian artist Anna Kostrytska and digital artist Savka.

Anna Kostrytska is an artist from Kiev, known for her series of abstract portraits and included in the top 10 most promising artists in Ukraine.

SAVKA (Oleksandr Savchuk) is a working graphic designer and creates animations, photo collages and graphics from surrealistic plots filled with symbolism, internal experiences and influx to society.

The digital project of Ukrainian rallies “The Illusion of Reality” reflects the process of the transition of the physical object of mysticism to the virtual world. In this way, the artist Anna Kostrytska should turn her attention to those who are digitally rich in new possibilities, and the time has come to think about those who play the role of our mothers in the meta-world.

Take part in the auction of the NFT-token for the link.

An NFT token named after Anni Kostrytska and Savka is on sale on the Binance crypto exchange. The project is being implemented between the collaboration of the Binance exchange and the Ukrainian NFT agency TNT. As a follow-up to 2022, the author of the project plans to release 13 NFT-robits.

The previous project was promoted in the Gulliver shopping center and showed yoga on their screens. Aja pіdtrimka ukrainian mіtsіv, yakі go to the NFT market, is important, vahovuchi those that Ukraine sits in the third place in the Binance rating.

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