Change the list of the Ukrainian choice for Eurovision 2022

The Organizing Committee of the National Selection for the European Competition 2022, having praised the decision and disqualification of LAUD from the selection, the song announced by him – Head Under Water – was publicized in the 2018 competition, which directly violates the rules of the competition. As a result, we did not perform at the finals of the national contest on the 12th fierce. Let the show take the fate of Barleben from the song Hear My Words.

According to clause 5.1 of the rules for the national selection for the Eurovision, the song may support such maxims:

“didn’t become public, didn’t go into release, and/or didn’t publicly victorious (mostly or often, including the text is okremo like music or navpaki), wasn’t accessible to the public, for example (although not intermingled) on online video platforms, at social networks or in (single-)critical data bases for global access, and will not be vikoristan for daily commercial purposes until 01 spring 2021″.

The Organizing Committee of the National Veterinary Board conducted an additional review, and on the basis of the fact that the song Head Under Water was publicized by the author Deniel Boting on the special youtube channel in 2018 was revealed.

“For us, it was an important decision about the inclusion of LAUD from the list of finalists, and we deignly respect this year’s participant in the national contest. However, the rules for all are the same, but our principle position is: accessibility for participation and equalness of minds for all vykonavtsiv. Also today is a chance to present Ukraine to the next talented leader, who also won high marks among the organizing committee – Barleben. Thank you for success!” – by appointing Yaroslav Lodigin, a member of the board of the Suspiliny and the head of the organizing committee of the national election.

List of participants in the final of the national competition, which will be on the 12th of the fierce on the air of the UA successive TV channel: FIRST, after the changes were made:

  • Alina Pash — Тіні забутих предків
  • Barleben — Hear My Words
  • Cloudless — All be alright
  • Kalush Orchestra — Stefania
  • Michael Soul — Demons
  • Our Atlantic — Моя Любов
  • Roxolana — GIRLZZZZ
  • Wellboy — Nozzy Bossy

The final of the National selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held at the format of the TV concert on February 12 at 19:00 live on the UA: PERSHIY suspension TV channel.

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