Energy system of Ukraine in isolated mode: more than 100 objects under protection

For the period of operation of the energy system of Ukraine in an isolated mode, over 100 objects of the energy infrastructure are taken under protection. This was announced by the National Police of Ukraine, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

“We immediately give respect to infrastructure facilities. Today, we are reviewing objects, energy infrastructure infrastructure. Over 100 energy infrastructure facilities are under protection,” said Oleksandr Fatsevich, the intercessor of the head of the National Police. 

It is connected with this, that on the 24-25 of the fierce Ukraine will be experimentally connected to the electricity supply to Belarus of the Russian Federation.

“The national police will be ready (to react) in case of any sabotage or other attacks on many objects, so that Ukraine will be isolated from the energy security of other powers,” adding wine. “While it will be temporal, for the period of switching off, we have given a decision and brotherly support for the permanent protection of such objects by the police guards,” adding the intercessor to the head of the National Police.

The protection of these objects will be secured by over 600 police officers. The first stage of testing the energy system of Ukraine in the isolated type of energy systems of Russia, Belarus and the ENTSO-E regime is scheduled for February 24-26, 2022.

At that time, the UES of Ukraine will be united with the “Island of Burshtynska TES”, two parts of the energy system of Ukraine will work synchronously. Work in an isolated mode – testing, as a part of preparation for synchronization of the unified energy system (OES) of Ukraine with the energy system of continental Europe ENTSO-E. Vaughn is transferred to the Ugoda about the minds of the future association of Ukrainian and European energy systems and may be held in two stages: in the winter and summer period.

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