Like watching a project from Ukraine at the 59th Venice Biennale

On the principle of summer in the media, it is scheduled that Ukraine at the 59th Venice Biennale will be presented by The Naked Room gallery and the project “Fountain of Visnage. High water”, which created Pavlo Makov. This month of yoga was officially presented in Kiev.

The robot is a series of funnels built into the wall, which at once function like a fountain. At his project, the artist Pavlo Makov from Kharkiv is going to die until the 1990s, if all the fountains near the city have pinned their confession and turned into paradoxical objects in the open space. The robot hangs the idea of exchanging on cultural, economic and political levels.

Like watching a project from Ukraine at the 59th Venice Biennale

The curators of the Ukrainian pavilion were the co-founders of The Naked Room gallery Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German, curator and editor-in-chief of IST Publishing Boris Filonenko. Through the pandemic, the schedule of the Biennale has changed — I’m going to hold an international exhibition of modern art near Venice from April 23 to November 27, 2022. The History of the Venice Biennale Narahova 126 Years — Ukraine takes a part in the exhibition for the remaining twenty.


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