The result of the Russian attack on the Gostomel airport was the destruction of the unique aircraft “Mriya”

As a result of the repeated attack of the Russian troops on the Gostomel airport near Kiev, the greatest and most severe light was burned in the world of Ukrainian milling AN-225 “Mriya”.

Two informed dzherels at the “Antonov” undertaking informed about it, and they confirmed the head of the city of Bucha.

Data from the monitoring site of the observed vessels Flight Radar confirm that after the 5th of the fierce “Mriya” they were at the Gostomel airport. At the same time, five AN-124-100 “Ruslan” ships were more likely to be outside the borders of Ukraine and could take part in the logistics of delivering the shipment to foreign partners. Data from Flight Radar is also evidence that Ruslana is located beyond the borders of Ukraine.

“After the 5th aircraft, the Mriya was bombed all over. It was trap on the first day (on the 24th of the fierce – ed.). They fired from helicopters.”

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