The unique Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita” took place at the Lviv Opera

The Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita” took place in Lviv on October 14 at the Lviv Opera. Opera-Myth is a new Ukrainian format in which folk polyphony replaces classical opera vocals, and the plot grows from the lyrics.

The creators have long been looking for a form that could adequately represent the beauty and power of Ukrainian song, which was embodied in the Opera-Myth “Ukraine – Terra Incognita”.

The unique Opera-Myth “Ukraine - Terra Incognita” took place at the Lviv Opera

In the basic concept of the opera, traditional singing replaced the opera vocals, and the plot grew from the lyrics of folk songs and combined with free jazz, symphonic music, contemporary choreography, abstract painting, video art and futuristic costumes.

This evening, the Lviv Opera House was filled with connoisseurs of high art, and the online version was viewed by more than 12,000 spectators from all over the world, and the creators received more than a thousand rave reviews on the Internet.

The opera was dedicated to the world-famous singer and Ukrainian soldier Vasyl Slipak, to thank everyone in his person, thanks to whom we can live and create freely.

The project was implemented by YMCA Lviv in partnership with the Vasyl Slipak Foundation with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation in cooperation with: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Lviv National Opera, Institute of Cultural Strategy, Lviv Organ Hall, Warrior’s House, Lviv Center for Services to Combatants, Polskie Towarzystwo Muzyki Współczesnej. 

Creative composition:

Author of the project, director: Ulyana Gorbachevska

The music was composed by: Maria Oliynyk – composer, Ulyana Gorbachevska – scores of voices.


  • Ulyana Gorbachevska (singer, researcher of authentic Ukrainian songs)
    Mykola Bereza (director of the Les Kurbas Theater, starring in the film “Red”)
  • Yaroslav Fedorchuk (actor of the Les Kurbas Theater, roles in the films “Gate”, “Our Cats”)
  • Serhiy Badyuk (member of the band “Chernomorets”, actor in the film “Black Crow”)
  • Marko Svizhinsky (actor of the Les Kurbas Theater)
  • Denis Ivaniv (singer, actor, member of the group “Pike-Fish”)
  • Sofia Leshyshak (singer of the band “YagOdy”, actress of the Lesya Ukrainka Theater)
  • Andriana-Yaroslava Saenko (singer, musician)
  • Kateryna Smirnova (freelance artist)
  • Olga Balandyukh (OLVIA singer, artist)
  • Symphonic music: Ukrainian Festival Orchestra under the direction of Taras Demko and Ivan Ostapovich
  • Conductor: Taras Vergun
  • The opera was improvised by iconic Ukrainian jazzmen Ihor Hnydyn (percussion) and Mykhailo Balog (saxophone) and Polish multi-instrumentalist Ryszard Lyatecki
  • Set designer and opera artist: Volodymyr Oleschuk
  • Video art: VJ group CUBE
  • Costumes: Martha Wachholz
  • Contemporary choreography: Artem Shoshin





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