Theater in your phone – 211STEPS application and technology

Immersive theater is one of the most exciting trends in contemporary art. These are performances that can take place in any location, even on the streets of the city, and the viewer simultaneously becomes a participant and interacts with the plot through the world around him.

The new 211STEPS mobile application with its own technology allows you to experience the benefits of new art. Here you can “go” to an immersive show yourself or in the company – all you need is a phone, an application and headphones. In addition to immersive performances, it has classic audio performances or tours.

Theater in your phone - 211STEPS application and technology

211STEPS presents the Return project, a series of audio stories about people affected by events in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The project raises the issues of migrants, the return of informal conversations about life and the intimacy of friendly conversation; how they are accepted by the new society

The author of the project Tamara Trunova – the main director of the Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnieper – used an experimental format: the heroes and heroines themselves choose what to say, what story to tell, not limited.

Each story is similar to both a popular lecture and a one-man show – the conversation begins with general issues, and inevitably touches on the personal, sometimes turning into a confession. Now you can hear the first story in the application – “Return to Dignity“.

The 211STEPS team, together with partners, is also developing a plan to digitize the two cities of Ukraine

Creating such a virtual space will expand the opportunities of the creative industry, individual creators and business. A virtual map, which can be used to pin locations, quests, geogames, art exhibitions or other information, opens up a new unique experience for both city dwellers and tourists, regardless of the language of communication. Locations with projectors, screens, sound design and augmented reality will be created to integrate virtual space into the physical world.

The technology has no geographical or cultural constraints. The company plans to expand to megacities in North America and Europe. 211STEPS as a technology for creating author projects will be available to creators and businesses in June. The selected applications for projects are already being considered by the team.

You can download the application for iOS and Android by following the link.

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